Administration - GDC Kathua.

In the interest of College Administration, following committies  have been constituted for the Session 2021-2022.

Principal: Prof. Sumanesh Jasrotia

Committee Convenor
1. IQAC and NAAC Re-accreditation Committee Prof. Jasvinder Singh
2. College Development Committee Prof. Jasvinder Singh
3. College Purchase Committee Prof. Jasvinder Singh
4. Cultural Activities Committee
Prof. Raj Kiran
5. Career Counselling Cell
Prof. Rakesh Singh
6. UGC Committee
Dr. Sumit Dubey
7. Financial Aid Committee
Prof. Sandeep Choudhary
8. RTI Committee
Dr. Sumit Dubey
9. Financial Aid Committee (Merit & Local Fund)
Prof. Sandeep Choudhary
10. Girls Hostel Committee
Prof. Raj Kiran
11. Boys Hostel Committee
Dr. Suraya Partap Singh
12. Magazine & Publication Committee
Dr. Seema Malpotra
13. RUSA Committee
Prof. Anoop
14. Tour & Picnic Committee
Prof. Jasvinder Singh
15. Anti Ragging & Discipline Committee
Prof. Jasvinder Singh
16. Committee Against Sexual Harassment
Dr. Seema Malpotra
17.College Time Table Committee
Prof. Jasvinder Singh
18. College Canteen Committee
Dr. Rachana Devi
19. Examination Committee
Prof. Rakkesh Singh
20. Career Counselling & Placement Cell
Prof. Rakesh Singh
21. College Website and Biometric Attendance Committee
Prof. Raj Kiran
22. Examination Committee
Prof. Rakesh Singh
23. AISHE Committee
Prof. Rakesh Singh
24.Library Committee
Dr. Kailash Sharma
25.College Bus Committee
Prof. Subh Kumar
26.Scholarship Committee
Prof. Rajesh Kumar