Anti-Ragging Cell Back


Anti-Ragging Committee is constituted in the college in 2001 with the guidelines of Supreme Court of India. The committee is regularly working and ensuring that no student is facing the problem of Ragging.The Commitee also keep in touch with the District Administration and Police Administrators. The commitee is Headed by Prof. Anirudh Sharma Other Members of the committee are:
  1. Dr. Arun Dev Singh
  2. Prof. Ajmair Singh
  3. Prof. Pawan Kumar
  4. Prof. Madhvi Manohar Lal
  5. Dr. Sunita Raina
  6. Prof. Rajesh Kumar
  7. Dr. Balbinder Singh
  8. Prof. Ajay Kumar Sharma
  9. Dr. Kulbir Singh
  10. Dr. Pawan Kumar
  11. Prof. Manmohan Singh
  12. Dr. Rachna Devi